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Natural Draft Towers   |  

Natural Draft Towers


tekni’s natural draft, counter flow design are available in single unit capacities from 10 to 500 cooling tons. tekni’s cooling tower structure and components are designed exclusively for cooling tower use. Components are engineered for specific functions within the cooling tower structure. Each component is designed to interface with other components. The modular design allows isolation of cells for operational flexibility.


Standard Features

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
  • Corrosion Proof Construction
  • Easy inspection and cleaning
  • Fan-less, Fill-less design
  • Factory assembled modular design
  • Alternate inlet & outlet piping arrangements
  • Factory Assembled for Simple Installation
  • PVC Water Distribution System with Non-clog Large Orifice Removable Nozzles


Optional Features

  • FRP Ladder with Gate
  • FRP Ladder and Cage with Gate
  • FRP Stairs
  • Internal FRP Walkway
  • FRP Cold Water Basin
  • SS Cold Water Basin
  • Basin Heaters
  • External Cellular Louvers
  • External FRP Blade Louvers
  • 16 oz. or 32 oz. Double Wall Casing
  • 316 SS Hardware and Anchor Shoes


Available Variants

  • FRP Natural Draft Tower

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