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FRP Towers


tekni’s forced draft, cross flow design are available in single unit capacities from 100 to 2000 cooling tons. tekni’s timber tower structure and components are designed exclusively for cooling tower use. Components are engineered for specific functions within the cooling tower structure. Each component is designed to interface with other components.


Standard Features

  • Chemically treated timber
  • High efficiency Fill and Drift Eliminators
  • Large access doors to sump and internals
  • Easy inspection and cleaning
  • Sloping fully welded and drainable SS basin
  • Factory assembled modular design
  • Alternate inlet & outlet piping arrangements
  • Available in SS-Galvanized-FRP casing


Optional Features

  • Low Noise fan options
  • Ultra low drift eliminators (0.0006% to 0.001%)
  • Alternative component materials for aggressive contaminants
  • High temperature fill and drift for applications (above 55°C / 130°F)
  • Alternative fill material for high potential fouling applications


Available Variants

  • Wooden Induced Draft Tower
  • Wooden Natural Draft Tower

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